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Plimoth Plantation Machine Locations > Massachusetts

137 Warren Avenue
Plymouth, MA , 02360

Phone: (508) 746-1622


In the winter, please note this appears to be the only working machine in the general area, as all Visitors' Centers close down until Spring (with no date of re=opening given). This place was easy to access from Rt 3 and quick in and out, with free parking.

Machine 3 Designs include:
1) The Plimoth Plantation logo of a Pilgrim and an Indian,
2) 'The Mayflower 1620',
3) 'Plymouth, MA, The Landing Place of the Pilgrims', Plymouth Rock,
4) 'America's Hometown, Plymouth, Cape Cod'

7/6/18 Machine presses well. Just out side the gift shop. TB

Machine 3

Retired 1

Retired 2