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Exploris Aquarium & Seal Sanctuary Machine Locations > Northern Ireland

The Ropewalk, 5C Castle Street, Portaferry, Newtownards
COUNTY ANTRIM - Belfast, Northern Ireland, BT22 1NZ

Phone: 028 4272 8062


The centre has been extensively remodelled and improved, which includes our infamous aquarium, touch tank, Seal rescue and rehabilitation centre, now boasts a reptile section and new fully licensed restaurant with an excellent chef. At Exploris they have created a unique tourist attraction and visitors centre in the town of Portaferry, County Down on the beautiful, quaint shores of Strangford Lough.Alternative route here via the ferry across Stangford lough.

ThePennyPress Ireland have placed a machine here, it has the typical simple designs similar to other TPP machines in the cafe area. Sweet talking required for free entry, but it is possible to enter via the exit to the cafe upstairs.

Machine designs, each penny costs £1
1) ... Generic MLP
2) ... Two Sea horses and Exploris Aquarium
3) ... Nemo Fish and Exploris Aquarium
4) ... Seal and Exploris Aquarium

3/22/17: Machine details uploaded by David Miller,

Machine 1