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Stone Zoo Machine Locations > Massachusetts

149 Pond Street
Stoneham , MA , 02180

Phone: 781-438-5100


Stone Zoo is a medium-small sized zoo of about 26 acres in Stoneham, by the Spot Pond reservoir. It is operated by Zoo New England, which also operates the Franklin Park Zoo in Boston.

New Pennycollector machine added May 2012.

Machine 1: 3-die electric next to Machine 3 near the Bats & Cougars. All say “Stone Zoo”
(H) Leopard (H) Otter (V) Wolf

Machine 3, Pennycollector 4 design added May 2012, next to Machine 1 near the Bats & Cougars near the gift shop near the entrance and exit. All say Stone Zoo:
(H) Gibbin, (H) Snow Leopard, (V) River Otter, (H) Wolf.

Machine 4 by the Bats exhibit. Designs are:
Reindeer, Sloth, and Wolf images

Retired 2: Added 5/04. All say "Stone Zoo" (H) Peacock, (H) River Otter, (H) Snow Leopard, (V) Lemur

6/09/18: Machine 1 and 3 are now both right next to each other near the Bats & Cougars. Machine 3 is still near the gift shop near the entrance and exit. All machines are working fine.

Machine 1 - Flamingo building

Machine 3

Machine 4 - by the Bats exhibit

Retired 2