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Old Sturbridge Village Machine Locations > Massachusetts

One Old Sturbridge Village Road
Sturbridge, MA


Old Sturbridge Village is a living museum which recreates life in rural New England during the 1790s through 1830s. It is the largest living museum in New England, covering more than 200 acres. The Village includes 59 antique buildings, three water-powered mills, and a working farm. The museum is popular among tourists and for educational field trips. Costumed interpreters speaking in modern English help visitors understand 19th-century life.

Machine 3: All have 'Old Sturbridge Village' on them. Designs are:
1) 'Center Meeting House 1832', House,
2) 'Make History', Man driving stagecoach pulled by horse,
3) 'Massachusetts', Bull
4) 'Massachusetts', Sheep.

Retired 1: 1) Woman carrying water buckets, 2) Blacksmith working on anvil, 3) Man with cattle, 4) Center Meeting House with steeple.
Retired 2: 1) Balloon and Old Sturbridge Village, 2) Sheep and Old Sturbridge Village, 3) Waterwheel mill and Old Sturbridge Village, 4) a skyline of the OSV main street with Old Sturbridge Village Massachusetts.

7/30/17: A Pennyman 4 design hand crank Machine 3 installed here. Machine 2 is retired.

Machine 3 (2017)

Retired 1

Retired 2