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Emmerdale Studio Experience Tour (Emmerdale Production Centre) Machine Locations > England

27 Burley Rd.
WEST YORKSHIRE - Leeds, England, LS3 1JT

The Emmerdale Studio Experience will take you on a journey behind the scenes, showing you how we bring the characters you love and stories you remember to life. By shining a light on the production process you’ll get to see how everything fits together. With full scale set reconstructions, preserved props and costumes to the secrets behind stunts and special effects; this is your chance to step into the exciting world of telly.

On your fully-guided tour, you’ll be able to get up close to all things Emmerdale and discover the magic behind some of the finest stunts seen on TV. You’ll also have the opportunity to take your memories home with a souvenir photograph from behind the bar at The Woolpack and shop exclusive Emmerdale merchandise. Plus, before and after your tour, you can enjoy a brew and a bite to eat in the Café.

The machine is from ThePennyPress, the designs by nature are similar to the ones from Coronation Street and Coronation Street on Tour.

Machine details. Each penny costs £1 plus the 1p. Each penny has a dotted border
1) ... TheEmmerdale Studio Experience
2) ... The Emmerdale Studio Experience in the border. THE WOOLPACK
3) ... The Emmerdale Studio Experience in the border. Emmerdale Farm
4) ... Emmerdale Village Sign

Machine details uploaded by David Miller,

Machine 1