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The Golden Fleece Machine Locations > England

16 Pavement
NORTH YORKSHIRE - York, England, YO1 9UP

Phone: 01904 625171


March 2019 machine not working pub get machine when they took over they have no idea who owes the machine to get it fixed.

The Golden Fleece is A york's Most Haunted pub, thus one of the England's most haunted sites. Visit the Oldest Inn in York and you can be sure of a friendly atmosphere, quiet surroundings and traditional services.

Designs were: 1) 'Golden Fleece York - One Lucky Penny.' Picture of Skull.
2) 'Golden Fleece York' - Picture of Pub.
3) 'I drank in York's Most Haunted Pub - The Golden Fleece' - Picture of Skeleton.
4) 'The Golden Fleece The Spirit Of York' - Picture of Sheep that hangs outside pub.

6/22/19 The machine has now been repaired and is working perfectly. Updated 22/06/19 by A Tait

Machine 1