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The Alnwick Garden Machine Locations > England

Denwick Lane
NORTHUMBERLAND - Alnwick, England, NE66 1YU

Phone: 01665 511350


The Alnwick Garden is one of the most exciting contemporary gardens on earth. A garden for gardeners with a design that looks to the future. It's a stunning attraction and a floral wonderland. But this isn't just an attraction for keen horticulturalists. The Alnwick Garden prides itself on being a place for families with lots of chances to get wet and play. You can collect water in the mini tractors, paddle in the rills, see the many ways water can move in the Serpent Garden and dodge the Grand Cascade’s jets.

Expansive network of formal gardens with a cascading central fountain and huge treehouse restaurant.

Here is a quote from the Duchess of Northumberland

"It has become a contemporary pleasure garden, which brings joy to millions. When I see photographs of it in darkness I feel that I am watching it sleep, resting in preparation for the people it has to entertain the following day. To me a garden without people is dead, and people have brought The Alnwick Garden to life and restored its soul."

A long while ago there used to be a single die machine here, there is now a 4 die machine from The Penny Press in the shop area. Each penny costs £1 to roll

Machine details:
1) ... Shooting Star Image, ALNWICK GARDEN
2) ... Tree house, ALNWICK GARDEN in dotted border
4) ... Gates to the Poison Garden img, ALNWICK GARDEN in dotted border

The single design machine is Retired.

Detail Upoaded by David Miller,

5/24/17 - machine rolling well

Machine 2

Retired 1