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Dudley Canal Trust Machine Locations > England

501 Birmingham New Road
WEST MIDLANDS - Dudley, England, DY1 4SB

Phone: 0121 557 6265


The Dudley Canal Trust was created to protect and preserve the tunnels. Through our subsidiary charity, Dudley Canal Trust (Trips) Ltd, we run regular guided boat trips through the tunnels, accompanied by videos, lifelike reconstructions and stunning music and light shows.

These excursions are fun, informative and entertaining, and they attract over 80,000 visitors every year. Any trading surplus is re-invested in maintaining the tunnels and their environment, so visitors can enjoy and appreciate 420 million years of living history long into the future.

The Trust have recently moved to a multi-million pound new building. Within that building, in the shop is a brand new Penny Press machine with four dies,each roll is £1.

Designs are -
1. Trust Logo
2. House Boat
3. Canal Scene
4. My Lucky Penny

July 2016 - Details uploaded I.T. Hope, thanks to David Miller

Machine 1