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Harrod's Machine Locations > England

87–135 Brompton Road
LONDON - Knightsbridge, England, SW1X 7XL

Phone: 020 3626 7020


Harrods is an upmarket department store located on Brompton Road in Knightsbridge, in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, London.

There are 3 Euroscope 3-die machines here. All are £1 to roll per penny and located on the 2nd Floor Harrods' Gift Store. The designs are -

Machine 1 designs are:
1) Royal Guard Bear,
2) Policeman Bear,
3) Queen Bear.

Machine 2 designs are: Located near the Money exchange counter in the gift shop:
1) Bear,
2) Harrods Building,
3) Terrier Dog.

Machine 4 designs are: located near the lifts in the gift shop:
1) Bear,
2) City Gentleman Bear,
3) Chauffeur Bear.

Token Machine 2:
1) 'Harrods est 1849', Building with double decker tour bus under/ Rear- 'Harrods est 1849' building top.

Retired designs:

Retired Dated designs 2009 to 2015. Bear design associated with the dated designs.
Retired Token machine 1: 2016 Harrod's London', crown and fancy designs/ Rear- 'Harrod's 2016', with crown in middle.

6th December 2018- All 3 machines were working and located in the gift shop on level 2. PL

Gift Shop 1

Gift Shop 2 Lifts

Gift Shop 3

Token Machine 2

Retired 2016 Token

Retired dated designs