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Becky Falls - Dartmoor Machine Locations > England

Manaton, Newton Abbot
DEVON - Newton Abbott, England, TQ13 9UG


Becky Falls, originally known as Becka Falls is a tourist attraction in Dartmoor, England, centered on a waterfall of around 20 metres down a boulder strewn bed. In addition to the waterfall as the centrepiece, there is a woodland park with features such as a children's zoo, woodland trail, and crafts.

No visit to Devon would be complete without a visit to Dartmoor's famous Becky Falls, where we've been welcoming visitors since 1903. The falls are an iconic Dartmoor landmark, and a day out here can be as gentle or as adventurous as you wish. All of our activities and shows are included in the entry price, so there are no extras to pay once you're inside.

So come breathe some of the purest air in England, see the most beautiful place in Devon and enjoy a very, very warm welcome!

There is a single die machine from Scotron in the cafe area. It has the wooden cabinet. It was 50p to use, but might just have been increased to £1.
1) Dotted Border, 'BECKY FALLS DARTMOOR' in text and picture of the falls.

Details uploaded by David Miller,

June 2016 - Details updated I.T. Hope with thanks to A.Widger.

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