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Shrek's Adventure, Country Hall Machine Locations > England

Westminster Bridge Road
LONDON - Westminster, England, SE17PB

Phone: SE17PB


London's newest family attraction situated on Westminster Embankment, near the London Eye and Sea-life. Step into the kingdom of Far Far Away and enjoy a brand new madcap Shrek adventure where amazing DreamWorks animation, captivating story-telling and a good dose of Donkey’s cheekiness awaits.

The adventure begins when you board a magical 4D ‘DreamWorks Tours’ bus. With Donkey as your mischievous tour guide, calamity, chaos and endless fun are the name of the game.

First penny machine and token machine are free to access, right hand side as you walk into gift shop. The new machines are actually in side the attraction. you may have to buy an entrance ticket.

Pennymangle have sited two of their excellent 4 die machines. The bold designs are:

Machine 1:
1) Donkey
2) Shrek
3) Puss in Boots
4) Ginger

Machine 2:
1) Astrid & Stormfly
2) Hiccup
3) Hiccup on Toothless
4) Astrid

Token Machine 1: is in the Gift shop

Token Machine 2: is in the Tame Your Dragon exhibit.

Each design has the reverse engraved with the Shrek's Adventure Logo. Each design costs £1 plus the penny. Make sure you have the head to the left for a better result on all Pennymangle designs.

November 29th 2018 - Machine 1 out of order, coin slot jammed.

Machine 1 - Gift Shop

Machine 2 - Tame Your Dragon

Token Machine 1 - Shop

Token Machine 2 - Tame Your Dragon