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KidZania Machine Locations > England

Westfield Mall
LONDON - Shepherd's Bush, England, W12 7GF

Phone: 0330 131 3333


Imagine a 75,000sq.ft child-size City where kids are in charge! Open now, KidZania has landed in Westfield London.
Have your kids ever dreamt of becoming a pilot, a fire fighter, or the next award-winning singer? Watch the excitement on their faces as they try out more than 60 real life role-play activities in the bank, on stage or fighting crime on the streets as a police officer! Each role-play experience is crafted to teach kids essential life skills including financial literacy, team work and independence.
Designed to empower kids, KidZania gives them the confidence to challenge themselves and inspire them to explore the world of opportunities.

PennyMen Europe have installed a new 4 die machine at this location. Each Penny is £1 to roll.

1) Urbano & Beepob Characters.
2) Chika & Vita Characters.
3) Bache Character
4) All Five Characters.

Jan 2016 - Machine details uploaded I.T. Hope

Machine 1