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FACT Cinema (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology) Machine Locations > England

88 Wood Street
MERSEYSIDE - Liverpool, England, L1 4DQ

Phone: 0151 707 4444


April 12, 2016 - Machine has been retired. I.T. Hope.

FACT is a Liverpool-based cinema, art gallery and the UK's leading organisation for the support & exhibition of film, art and new media.

This is a temporary machine located in the Human Futures Exposition located with in the complex. The web page is The exposition is due to last three months from early November 2015.

It is a machine from The Penny Press, each design costs £1 plus the penny.
1) 'Internet'
2) 'I Visited the Internet'
3) 'Internet @ 1969-2015'
4) Wifi Symbol

Machine details uploaded by +David Miller,

Machine 1