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Noah's Ark Zoo Farm Machine Locations > England

Clevedon Road, Wraxhall
AVON - Bristol, England, BS48 1PG

Phone: 01275 852 606


Noah's Ark is built on the site of Moat House Farm with its listed, moated 17th Century Farm House owned by Anthony and Christina Bush who operated a dairy farm for 35 years until 1995. It is where they brought up their family.
Noah's Ark Zoo Farm is a 100-acre (40 ha) zoo developed on a working farm in Wraxall, North Somerset, 6 miles (9.7 km) west of Bristol, which promotes a form of creationism that includes a belief that the biblical story of Noah's Flood was an actual cataclysmic event.

There is 4 die electric machine in the gift shop.
The penny still only costs 50pence. The designs are:
1) ... Approaching Tiger
2) ... Two Rhinos
3) ... Giraffe
4) ... Noah's Ark Farm Logo

Details uploaded by David Miller,

11/01/17: ???

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