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National Museum of Scotland, Museum of Rural Life Machine Locations > Scotland

East Kilbride, Scotland

Phone: 03001236789


Discover how 300 years of farming and rural home life have shaped and altered Scotland’s countryside in our large, purpose-built museum. See combine harvesters, tractors, threshers and many other inventions designed to make farming life more efficient and profitable, and find out how machines have increasingly replaced people in farming.

Tour our period farmhouse for a sense of what living on a farm was really like more than 50 years ago. With each season there's always something fresh to see, from new born lambs and calves to harvesting and haymaking. You’ll always find plenty of life on our farm: Aberdeen Angus Cattle, Tamworth Pigs, Ayrshire Cows, Black-Faced Sheep and Clydesdale Horses, Mairi and Anna.

Get to grips with milking in our 1950s byre. See how the experts milk our real dairy cows, then visit our model of ‘Clover the Cow’ to try your own hand. How much will you get in the bucket?

There is a 4 die GEM machine here now, the penny is dispensed from a hopper. Wait a second before turning the handle.Each penny costs £1.

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