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Bodmin Jail Machine Locations > England

Berrycoombe Road
CORNWALL - Bodmin, England, PL31 2NR

Phone: 01208 76292


Bodmin Jail (alternatively Bodmin Gaol) is a historic former prison situated in Bodmin, on the edge of Bodmin Moor in Cornwall. Built in 1779 and closed in 1927, the large range of buildings is now largely in ruins, although parts of the prison have been turned into a tourist attraction.

There is a four die machine in the gift shop -
1) ...Hangman's noose
2) ...Jailer's keys
3) ...Cell and ghost
4) ...Bodmin Jail Building

There is a second machine from somewhere in the jail.
Second machine designs:
1) ...Bicycle & sign post
2) ...Cornish Crest
3) ...Bodmin Jail building
3) ...Bodmin Jail Logo

Machine update by David Miller,

Machine 1

Machine 2