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Moscow State Integrated Museum - Reserve Machine Locations > Russia

115487, Moscow, 39, Prospect Andropova
Moscow, Russia

Phone: (499) 615-27-68


The museum-reserve offers different excursions which acquaint the guests with the unique monuments of architecture of the XVI-XIX centuries and demonstrates its valuable collections.
The dramatized programs permit our guests to take a look at the historical events from the outside and to take part in them as well, to transfer themselves into the old times and participate in these programs.

Machine 4 is in the souvenir shop in the center of the part of the museum,
Machine 5 is in the souvenir shop near the palace in south part of the park.

4/12/15: There are two machines in park. They located at the different souvenir shops: one in the center of the part, and another near palace in south part of the park.

Machine 3

Machine 4

Retired 1

Retired 2