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The Shard Machine Locations > England

32 London Bridge Street,
LONDON - London Bridge , England, SE1 9SG

Phone: 0844 499 7111


As London's highest viewing platform at the top of Western Europe's tallest building, we are the only place to take in over 1,000 years of the capital's history all at once.
The building is 308 metres high to the tip, the viewing platform is on the 72nd floor offers a unique view over London, best observed on a bright day, but the offer of a free return trip if the weather is inclement.
There are unusual telescopes that let you view London how it would have looked 300 years ago at the flick of a switch.

The 'Uniquely' designed machine, looking similar in shape to The Shard, is made of perspex. the internals are that of a PPF GEM machine. The pennies are fed from a hopper. I have learned from experience that you should wait a few seconds for the penny to be flipped from the hopper before turning the wheel. The pennies were fairly shiny in the hopper.

The machine can be found in the Ticket Office/Gift Shop at the base of the building, no entry fee is required. Design details are:
1) ... (V) The View From The Shard (The Shard silhouette)
2) ... (H) The View From The Shard (The Shard Skyline silhouette)
3) ... (H) Romeo the Fox (Fox)
4) ... (V) The Shard building

Get to The Shard on the Jubilee and Northern line tube. the entrance is at the exit to the Tube.

Machine details uploaded by David Miller,

3/7/17: Machine has been moved from the gift shop to the TOP of the Shard. So now you'll have to pay to go up to get this penny.

Machine 1