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Cambridge Gift Shop Machine Locations > England

Guild Hall. Unit 3 Peas Hill
CAMBRIDGESHIRE - Cambridge, England, CB2 3A

Phone: 01223313991


Official tourist information for Cambridge, England. Find things to do, hotels and accommodation, attractions, events, restaurants, shopping maps – everything ...

There are two penny machines here, on finding out about the Pennymen machine, I find there was a four die Penny Souvenir machine already here and has been for a number of years. But, this has a solid ring border, which is unusual.

Machine details, each penny costs £1 plus the penny:

Pennymen machine:
1) ... Cambridge Uni (Kings College)
2) ... Two graduates
3) ... Guard and Princess Kate?
4) ... Punting on the Cam (Bridge)

Souvenir Penny machine:
1) ... The Mathematecal Bridge, Cambridge (bridge)
2) ... Bridge Of Sighs, Cambridge (Bridge)
3) ... Kings College Chapel, Cambridge (Church façade)
4) ... Cambridge (Punting boat )

Machine details uploaded by David Miller

12/7/18 - Machine 2 is out of order

Machine 1

Machine 2