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Charlton Pike Rest Stop Machine Locations > Massachusetts

I-90 Mass Pike both East and West svc plazas
Charlton, MA

Eastbound machine taped out of order - Removed tape and it worked just fine. Previous 3 die machine was moved to the Northborough westbound service plaza. Both machines are near the bathrooms.

Both machines are right near the bathrooms, in with the claw machines and other arcade games.

Machine 1: Westbound designs are:
1) 'Boston, Massaxchusettes', Sailboat,
2) 'New England Patriots', player throwing football,
3) 'Red Sox', batter up to bat,

Machine 2: The Eastbound designs are:
1) "I Love You" with two hearts with an arrow connecting them
2) "Boston Red Sox" with a baseball player
3) "New England Patroits" With a football player
4) "Boston Massachusetts" with a ship

8/9/18. Westbound machine 1 rolls a bit short on copper. Still 75 cents per penny. PK. TEC #4913

Machine 1 (Westbound

Machine 2 (Eastbound)