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Field Museum Machine Locations > Illinois

1400 S. Lake Shore Dr
Chicago, IL , 60605

Phone: 312-922-9410


The Field Museum of Natural History sits on Shore Drive next to Lake Michigan in part of a scenic complex known as the Museum Campus Chicago. Its collections contain over 21 million specimens, of which only a small portion are ever on display.
Some prized exhibits in The Field Museum include:
- Sue, the largest and most complete Tyrannosaurus currently known.
- A comprehensive set of human cultural anthropology exhibits, including artifacts from ancient Egypt, the Pacific Northwest and Tibet.
- A large and diverse taxidermy collection, featuring many large animals, including two prized African elephants and the infamous Lions of Tsavo, featured in the 1996 movie "The Ghost and the Darkness"
- A large collection of Dinosaurs in the Evolving Planet exhibit (formerly Life Over Time).
- A large collection of Native American artifacts.
The main exhibit with these artifacts reopened as Ancient Americas in March 2007. You must pay admission to get to the machines.

There are 5 machines here (Machines 19, 20, 21, 22, & 23). The four machines were installed here in 2017, the fifth has been here since 2015. Two are the 8 design machines with a set costing $3 and individual designs costing $1 for two. The other three are 4 design hand crank machine with designs costing $.51 cents each. And the second addition collection book if available for $7 at any store. Next to each machine is a change machine that for $1 it gives you 4 quarters and 2 pennies (not necessarily shiny though).

Machine 19 (2015): Located on Ground Level east of gift shop by back of Theater.
1) Egyptian burial mask,
2) Triceratops,
3) DNA strand,
4) Image of front of building.

Machine 20 (2017): Located on Main Level north of Science Hub Cafe. designs are:
1) 'Grainger Hall of Gems, The Field Museum', Gem rock,
2) 'Ancient Americans, The Field Museum' Figurine,
3) 'Restoring Earth, The Field Museum', Earth on a pair of hands
4) The Field Museum', Building

Machine 21 (2017) Located on Ground Level by Ancient Egypt/Insects area. designs are:
1) 'The Field Museum, Chicago', Mammoth,
2) 'The Field Museum, Walking the T-Rex,
3) 'The Field Museum, Chicago', Raptor,
4) 'The Field Museum, Sue the T-Rex' skeleton,
5) 'The Field Museum, Chicago', Stegosaurus,
6) 'The Field Museum, Chicago', Triceratops,
7) 'A T-Rex Named Sue', Logo,
8) 'The Field Museum, Chicago 'Sue", Dinosaur foot print.

Machine 22 (2017). Located on Ground Level by Ancient Egypt/Insects area. All say :Inside Ancient Egypt, The Field Museum'. designs are:
1) Egyptian Ankh
2) Eye of Horace with wings and an Ankh over,
3) Anubis, Ruler of the Underworld
4) Ancient wine cask
5) Cat
6) Queen Nefertiti bust,
7) King Tut bust,
8) King Tut's Sarcophagus,

Machine 23: (2017) Located on the Upper Level across from the entrance to the dinosaur exhibit.
1) 2 Apatosaurus (Was the Brontosaurus),
2) Allosaurus,
3) Saber Toothed Cat,
4) 'Sue at the Field Museum, Chicago', Skeleton head,

Machines numbered 1 to 18, have been Retired.

Retired 1: 1) Microscope, 2) Female God, 3) Heart shape, 4) Building,
Retired 3: 1) I saw Sue at the museum, 2) Sue, 3) Mammoth, 4) Brontosaurus,
Retired 4: 1) Cat, 2) Nefertiti, 3) Egyptian Ankh, 4) King Tut death mask
Retired 6: 1) T-Rex head, 2) Triceratops, 3) Flying ding, 4) Stegosaurus,
Retired 7: 1) 'Bushman', Ape, 2) Mammoth, 3) Elephants, 4) King Tutt's Sarcophagus,
Retired 8: 1) Cat, 2) King Tut death mask, 3) Mammoths, 4) T-Rex skeleton,
Retired 9: 1) Cat, 2) Queen Nefertiti's bust, 3) Egyptian Ankh, 4) King Tut death mask
Retired 10: (Singles) 1) Building, 2) Home of the Brachiosaurus,
Retired 11: 1) '2012', Front of Museum, 2) 'Underground Adventure', 3) "Nature Walk', 4) Image of building,
Retired 12: 1) 'Sue', 2) Sue's Skeleton, 3) Sue's Skull, 4) Sue's Footprint,
Retired 13: 1) 'Evolving Planet', 2) Triceratops, 3) Brachiosaurus, 4) Lucy the Hominid
Retired 14: 1) Udjat Eye, 2) Bastet Cat, 3) Ankh, 4) Scarab
Retired 15: 1) Totem Poles, 2) Teotihuacan Mask, 3) Buffalo, 4) Short-Faced Bear
Retired 16: 1) Lions of Tsavo, 2) Bushman the Gorilla, 3) Stanley Field Hall Elephants, 4) Trilobite:
Retired 17: 1) Egyptian Ankh, 2) Eye of Horace, 3) Anubis, Ruler of the Underworld, 4) Ankh, Eagle, Eye of Horace, 5) Cat, 6) King Tut death mask, 7) Ancient Egyptian Writing on a Stone Tablet, 8) Sarcophagus, Rock Casket.
Retired 18: 1) 'Sue' the T-Rex, Large Dino facing right, small name, 2) 'Sue' the T-Rex, Large name and very small dino, 3) Triceratops, 4) Velociraptor, 5) Stegosaurus, 6) Diplodocus, 7) Pteranodon, Flying bird, 8) Dilophosauru.

The Field Museum also has its own Penny Collector Souvenir Coin Album, which is sold at all the Gift Shops for $5.95. The Coin Album comes with a Tyrannosaurus Rex penny, which reads "The Field Museum"

1/17: Three Pennyman penny machines installed here. Two are 8 penny machine (machines 21 & 22) and one is a 4 design hand crank machine (Machine 20). That makes two 8 design machines and one 4 design machine here now. GSY
2/17: The 4 design Pennycollector hand crank machine #20 is here also. (Confirmed by the company). GSY

2/22/2019 - All machines working. Noted locations. Hand crank machines rolling just a little short with pre-82. TEC# 4557

Machine 21 - 2017 - Ground level located right outside The Siragusa Center

Machine 22 (2017) - Ground Level located right outside The Siragusa Center

Machine 20 - 2017 - Main level Located near Science Hub Cafe

Machine 19 - 2015 - next too Holleb Hall

Machine 23 (2017) - On the second level across from the entrance to the dinosaur exhibit

Retired 16

Penny Book

Retired 1 & 4 (2012)

Retired 2 & 3 (2012)

Retired 5, 6 & 9

Retired 7, 8 & 10 (Singles)

Retired 11

Retired 12

Retired 13

Retired 14

Retired 15

Retired 17

Retired 18