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Catalyst Chemical Science Discovery Centre Machine Locations > England

Mersey Rd, Widnes
CHESHIRE - Widnes, England, WA8 0DF

Phone: 0151 420 1121


Catalyst is an interactive science centre whose aim is to make science exciting and accessible to people of all ages and abilities. Find out how the products of chemistry are used in everyday life - from medicines to Meccano (a model construction system invented in the UK) and learn about the 'chemistry' industry and its role in our lives, past, present and future.

There is a new Scotron Single Die electric machine in the shop, next to the tills. It costs £1 to roll.

1) Catalyst Logo with a Conical Flask. 'Science has never been so much fun.' text. Dotted border.

Retired Design -
1) Liquid exploding from a flask. 'Where Science Fuses With Fun. ... Catalyst. Widnes. Cheshire' text.

May 2016 Machine is still pressing perfectly but now costs £1 each Kenny Worrall, Details updated I.T. Hope.

Machine 2 - Shop Machine

Retired 1