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Dublin Airport Machine Locations > Ireland

Treminal 2
Dublin, Ireland

Phone: +353 (0)1 814 1111

Dublin Airport, is an international airport serving Dublin, Ireland and is operated by the Dublin Airport Authority. It is located 6.2 mi north of Dublin city near Swords, in the county of Fingal, Ireland. In 2013 20.2 million passengers passed through the airport,] making it the busiest of the state's airports by total passenger traffic. It also has the greatest traffic levels on the island of Ireland followed by Belfast International Airport.

Machine is across from Gate 406 in the US Customs section of the airport. It takes €1 but provides brass penny-like blank polished token. Design details:
1) ... Outline map of Ireland ( Ireland/Lucky Irish Penny )
2) ... Hands, Heart and a Crown. 2 Shamrock. ( Ireland/Lucky Irish Penny )
3) ... Shamrock (Cead Mile Failte/Ireland)
4) ... Flag, Golf ball and Shamrock (Get in the Hole/ Irish Ball Marker)

Details updated by David Miller

8/25/17; not working.
9/05/17: Machine is just past gate 404. Unfortunately, it is broken. Euro just drops into money collector & not in proper area for wheels to flatten it :(
4/28/18: The images are not aligned properly on the coin. Or the images on the wheel are misaligned. Either way only about 1/4 of the image imprints. Needs to be fixed.
Aug. 28, 2018: would not accept the euro coins. Not working.
Jan 8, 2019, Still not taking the coins. --TM

Machine 1