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London Transport Museum Machine Locations > England

Covent Garden Piazza,
LONDON - Covent Garden, England, WC2E7BB

Phone: 020 7379 6344


Adults £15.00; Concessions* £11.50

The London Transport Museum, or LT Museum based in Covent Garden, London, seeks to conserve and explain the transport heritage of Britain's capital city

The Penny Press machine is up on the first level, overlooking the exhibits. Each penny costs £1, each has in a dotted border.

1) ... Bus (side profile)
2) ... Taxi - "Hail the Taxi"
3) ... Tube Train - "Mind the Gap"
4) ... Bus Front - "Tickets Please"

Machine details uploaded by David Miller,
** November 25, 2014 - Machine is still there and working great. Since the machine is in the museum itself, I had to ask the manager if I can go in just for smashing. He agreed and had one of the workers escort me to the machine, and then escort me out. - Submitted by Oded Paz

Machine 1