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The Needles Park Machine Locations > England

Alum Bay
ISLE OF WIGHT - Alum Bay , England, PO39 0JD

Phone: 0871 720 0022


There are 2 GEM series PPF machines from Penny Press.situated in the Restaurant and the shop of the glass blowing exhibit. These machines do not require the penny, as there are supplied from a hopper.
Each penny costs £1 as usual. Design details, each penny has a solid ring border and The Needles Park, Isle of Wight.

Machine 5, Was in the Sand Shop, but has now been moved to the entrance foyer of the Restaurant
1) ... The Needles Lighthouse - Isle of Wight (Needles Rock and Lighthouse) (horiz)
2) ... The Chairlift, Alum Bay - Isle of Wight. (The chair lift) (horiz)
3) ... The Needles Park - Isle of Wight. (Fishing boat) (horiz)
4) ... The Needles Park - Isle of Wight. (Isle of Wight map) (horiz)

Machine 6, Alum Bay Glass Shop
1) ... The Needles Park - Sweet Manufactory ( lady worker ) (vert)
2) ... Alum Bay Glass - Isle of Wight (Alum Bay logo) (horiz)
3) ... The Needles Lighthouse - Isle of Wight (Needles cliffs and lighthouse) (horiz)
4) ... The Needles Lighthouse - Isle of Wight (Needles lighthouse) (vert)

Retired 3 Designs: 1) h. Alum Bay Chairlift, 2) h. Sweet Manufactory, 3) h. Sand Shop, 4) h. Needles Park.
Retired 4 designs: 1) h. Alum Bay Chairlift, 2) h, Alum Bay Glass logo, 3) h. Alum Bay Glass logo, 4) h. The Needles Alum Bay.

Machine details uploaded by David Miller,

Sept 2016 - Machines both still working great. Very friendly and helpful staff. I.T. Hope.

Machine 5

Machine 6

Retired 1, 2, 3, 4