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Gulliver's Kingdom Machine Locations > England

Temple Walk
DERBYSHIRE - Matlock, England, DE4 3PG

Phone: 01925 444888


Gulliver's Kingdom (also known as Gulliver's Matlock Bath) is an amusement park aimed at children aged 3 to 13 in the Derbyshire town of Matlock Bath, England. Founded in 1978 by Ray Phillips, it is still owned by the Phillips family and now has sister theme parks; Gulliver's World in Warrington and Gulliver's Land in Milton Keynes, which opened in 1989 and 1999 respectively. The park was originally created by Ray Phillips as a model village for his young children to enjoy, and it is close to the site of the Victorian Switchback roller coaster ride (after which the theme park's main roller coaster was named).

The park is noted for its location - being built on a steep hillside. While this means that a day out can become a "work-out", it provides a unique experience, with many rides being nestled in amongst the trees. The view across to Starkholmes and the Heights of Abraham is also spectacular.

Each penny has a solid ring border and Gulliver's Kingdom Matlock Bath in text

1) Gulliver's Logo
2) Gilly Mouse
3) Elephant
4) Park Mouse

You will have to pay to access the machine as it is inside the park and you will need a 'child' with you to enter. Very helpful staff. Other parks are at Warrington and Milton Keynes

July 2016 - Details updated. I.T. Hope.

Machine 1