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Gulliver's World Warrington Machine Locations > England

Shackelton Close Old Hall
MERSEYSIDE - Warrington, England, WA5 9YZ

Phone: Tel: 01925 444888


Gulliver's World is one of three theme parks around the UK. These are aimed at younger children.

County: Merseyside Nearest Town: Warrington.

The machines are PennyPressfactory MKlV machines, operated by Souvenir Pennies.

Each penny has a solid ring border and Gulliver's World Warrington in text

1) Gulliver's World Logo
2) Gilly Mouse
3) Leonard Lion
4) Park Mouse

Other parks are at Matlock Bath and Milton Keynes

Machine details uploaded by David Miller,

Sept 2015 - Machine broken for a long time and not likely to be repaired soon. No one has the keys or I would have fixed the jam myself. I.T.Hope

Machine 1