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Manchester Sea life Centre Machine Locations > England

The Trafford Centre, Barton Dock Rd
LANCASHIRE - Manchester, England, M17 8AS

Phone: 0871 221 2483


SEA LIFE is the world’s biggest aquarium chain with more than 40 attractions across the world. Every centre opens a window into the magical world beneath our seas and offers close encounters for all ages with everything from humble shrimps and starfish to seahorses, sharks and stingrays. SEA LIFE provides a fascinating insight into the wealth and diversity of marine life, plays an active role in conservation and inspires others to lend their support too.

The Sea life centre can be found within the Trafford Centre, Trafford, West Manchester. Legoland Discovery is right next door with two more machines.

The Pennymangle machine is located in the Rocky Hideout area, you will have to pay to access the machine. Each penny has SEALIFE Manchester in the dotted border

1) Shark
2) Sea Turtle
3) Sea Horse
4) Clown fish

Machine details uploaded by David Miller,

June 2016 - Machine working great - I.T. Hope.

Machine 1 - Rocky Hideout