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We Love London Souvenir Shop Machine Locations > England

7-14 Trocadero Centre, Coventry Street
LONDON - Piccadilly, England, W1D 7DH

10/20/15: Both machines have been removed as a result of Westminster Council outlawing merchandise on the pavement. Hopefully they will be relocated somewhere.

Both were machines with 4 designs:

Machine 1:
1) "The British Museum, London" with sarcophagus image,
2) "Palace of Westminster/Houses of Parliament, London" with image of the Houses of Parliament,
3) "River Thames" with an image of Tower Bridge as well as the London Eye and the Shard in the background.
4) "Wembley Football London" with an image of Wembley Stadium and a footballer.

Machine 2:
1) "Mind the Gap" with image of a tube train and the London Underground logo,
2) "London" written in a heart in the centre of the London Eye,
3) "Museum of Natural History" with an image of a dinosaur,
4) "The Stature of Eros, Piccadilly Circus" with an image of Eros as well as hearts in the background.

Updated by Matt Lougher, UK

Retired Machine 1

Retired Machine 2