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Bristol Zoo Gardens Machine Locations > England

Clifton Down Road
AVON - Bristol, England

Bristol Zoo is a zoo in the city of Bristol in South West England. The zoo's stated mission is "Bristol Zoo Gardens maintains and defends biodiversity through breeding endangered species, conserving threatened species and habitats and promoting a wider understanding of the natural world".

The Visitor Centre can be found in Leigh Woods. Entry is FREE and it's open from 10am - 5pm every day.

Machine 2 - in the Seal and Penguin area, between the two habitats
1) 175 years
2) Meerkat
3) Red Panda
4) Penguin.

Machine 3 - if you stand in the seated area outside the canteen, look towards the Monkey Jungle and you'll see it, next to the doorway
1) Bat
2) Bear
3) Butterflies
4) Seals

Machine 4 designs (2013) are: - in the gift shop:
1) Two Seals
2) Hippopotamus
3) Bat
4) Butterflies

Retired 1: Logo, 2) Gorliia, 3) Lemur, 4) Lion

11/01/17: Save up to 29% of the admission price when you purchase tickets online

Machine 4

Machine 3

Machine 2

Retired 1