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Museum of Erotic Art and Sex "Point G". Machine Locations > Russia

Novy Arbat, 15Chasy
Moscow, Russia

10/30/17: Gone

Museum of Sex and Erotic Art has been here for many years and they are around the world in Cities like Berlin, Paris, New York, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Copenhagen - this is not a complete list of cities that have opened their doors to the world of erotica.
"Point - G" is a Playland for adults in the city center. The exhibition comprizes an area of 800 square meters and includes more than 3000 exhibits - from ancient times to the present. Museum "Point G" is not just another museum of erotica. Here you can see the most striking and unexpected erotic art exhibits with the support of the world's leading experts in this field. Russia also has a lot of talented experts in the field as well as artists - so the museum has and our own national "surprise."

The Museum is open daily from 12:00 to 24:00; Ticket cost 500 rubles. The value of all coins of 100 Russian rubles.

There, the museum staged a "Mirror Maze Pikabolo. One design in this machine is dedicated to him.

Machine 1