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Ladoga Station St. Petersburg Machine Locations > Russia

Zanevsky Avenue, 79, (metro "Ladoga")
St. Petersburg, Russia

The two machines are inside this station. (4 two sided coins in each machine). All the coins are made of elongated 1 ruble coins. The cost is 100 Russian rubles.

Machine 2:
1) Draw Bridge/ Capitol building
2) Angel/ Complex
3) Building/ Statue
4) Ship/ Horse and Rider

Retired 1:
1) The bridges on the Neva / Restralnaya column
2) Heroes cartoon "Masha and the Bear" - Masha / Bear
3) Coin for luck / that everything was OK!
4) I Love / Love

11/9/2015 Note that machine 2 is in the main waiting area of the railway station near a 24 hour produkti. I searched all over and wasn't able to find machine 1.

Machine 2

Retired 1