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Wellgate Shopping Centre Machine Locations > Scotland

Dundee, Scotland, DD1 2DB

Phone: 01382 225454


The Wellgate Shopping Centre is one of the two main shopping centres located in the city centre of Dundee, Scotland, the other being the Overgate Centre. It comprises three floors, including a food court. The centre has a variety of retailers and eateries, principally BHS which operates a two-level store at the entrance of the mall. The Dundee Central Library is even adjacent to the third floor of the centre, which is level with Victoria Road. From its early years until the reopening of the largely-rebuilt Overgate Centre in 2000, the Wellgate Centre was Dundee's principal shopping mall. The original machine was placed in the Wellgate Shopping Centre by PennyPressFactory, what was unusual is all the designs were drawn by a class of local school children.

Machine 1 designs:
1)'Dundee - One City Many Discoveries' text
2) Law Hill Dundee - Monument
3) RRS Discovery Dundee - Sailing Boat
4) Tay Rail Bridge Dundee

Retired designs:
1) Keep Calm and Carry On
2) Keep Calm and Kiss Me
3) Keep Calm and Buy Shoes
4) Keep Calm and Drink Tea

Retired designs:
1) Eagle - Edinburgh Zoo
2) Lion - I out ran the Lions, Edinburgh Zoo
3) Queen profile - I destroyed the Queen's currency
4) Cannons and Saltires - I saw the cannons at Edinburgh Castle...and survived

Machine details updated by David Miller,

Oct 2015 - Details updated I.T. Hope with thanks to

Machine 3

Retired 1

Retired 2