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British Music Experience Machine Locations > England

The O2 Dome, Greenwich Peninsular
LONDON - Greenwich, England, SE10 0DX

Phone: 0208 463 3415


1st May 2014 - From 1st May this museum has now closed down. It is not clear if it will be moving to a new location but for now, there is no Museum of popular music in the O2 Dome (see website link above).

The British Museum Experience is located in the Dome, London. When you enter, turn right, pass all the restaurants and cinema complex, BME is the next attraction.
The machines are side by side at the bottom of the escalator. Both machines are PennyPressFactory GEM variety. The designs are all related to the British Pop industry.

Because they are the GEM designs the pennies are included in a hopper. You do get a very mixed selection though.

Each penny costs £1.
Machine 1 Blue:
1) ... Union Flag with hand (Rock On Britain)
2) ... I ♥ POP MUSIC
3) ... Keep Calm and Listen To Music (Crown)
4) ... London Skyline (London Rocks)

Machine 2 Red:
1) ... God Save The Queen ... Anarchy In The UK (Sid Viscious)
2) ... London Calling (Guitar) The British Music Experience
3) ... Britain Rocks (British Isles)
4) ... I Rocked London (The Dome)

Machine details uploaded by David Miller,

Machine 1

Machine 2