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USS Constitution Museum Machine Locations > Massachusetts

Charlestown Navy Yard, Building 22 (PO Box 1812)
Charlestown, MA , 02129

Phone: 617-426-1812


The USS Constitution Museum is inside the Navy Yard, go beyond all the Jersey barriers and chain link fences, past the dry dock. Don't be confused by the National Park Visitor Center which is outside the gates and which does not have a machine. Once inside the museum (no admission is required, a modest donation is suggested), the machine is in the Gift Shop, in the back near the books. Price is $1.01 per design.

Machine 1 is still across from the front desk.
Machine 2 down the hall on the right.

Machine 1: designs are:
1) 'USS Constitution, Old Ironsides', ship,
2) 'Pride of the Navy, USS Constitution', Anchor,
3) 'The Eagle of the Sea, USS Constitution', Eagle
4) 'Old Ironsides, Never has She Failed Us', Long gun cannon,

Machine 2: (2012) designs are:
1) 'USS Cassin Young, Boston, MA', Ship
2) 'Boston Light, Boston Harbor', lighthouse,
3) 'Bunker Hill Monument, Boston, MA', Monument,
4) 'Zakim Bridge, Boston, MA', bridge.

Token Machine 1: (2016) Rear of all: 'USS Constitution Museum', Logo. Designs are:
1) 'Bunker Hill Monument, Boston, MA', Monument & Soldier,
2) 'Zakim Bridge, Boston, MA', bridge.
3) 'USS Constitution, Old Ironsides', cannon,
4) 'USS Constitution, Boston, MA, Anchor,

June 2012, New Pennycollector machine 2 added here!!
9/16: 4 design Pennyman Token machine added here

4/17/18 The first machine is still across from the front desk. They moved the second machine down the hall on the right. TB

Machine 1

Machine 2 - (2012)

Token 1 - 2016