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Summerlee - The Museum of Scotish Industrial Life Machine Locations > Scotland

Heritage Way
Coatbridge, Scotland, ML5 1QD

Phone: 01236 638 460


Summerlee is set in 22 acres based around the site of the nineteenth century Summerlee Ironworks.

The museum has many attractions for all the family, including Scotland's only operational heritage tramway and recreated mine, with guided tours, miners' cottages, a great all-ages playpark and lots lots more.

Summerlee was formerly one of Scotland's most important ironworks and the remains of its blast furnaces and other structures can be seen from the view pod and parapet at the north-east side of the main exhibition hall.

Opened in 1836, it used the newly discovered 'hot blast' process. It smelted it's last iron in 1926.
It opened as a visitor attraction in 1987, it is celebrating it's 25 year anniversary this year (2012).

Machine 2. Each penny costs £1 to roll, each design has the solid ring border
1) ...Summerlee Logo
2) ...Tigger - Tractor
3) ...Tram
4) ...Summerlee Coal Company

Retired 1: Summerlee Logo.

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10/18/15: Penny descriptions added.

Machine 2

Retired 1