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Birdworld Machine Locations > England

Holt Pound
SURREY - Farnham, England, GU10 4LD

Phone: 01420 22992


Nestling within the Alice Holt Forest, Birdworld is one of the largest bird parks in the country. There are 26 acres to explore so make sure you allow plenty of time to see and experience everything we have to offer.
From a huge Ostrich to tiny Sunbirds, Penguins, Owls, Parrots, Waterfowl and many other colourful species, we really do have amazing birds from all around the world. On top of that, Birdworld is also home to the Jenny Wren Farm and Underwater World and being located adjacent to our sister company, Forest Lodge Garden Centre, there really is something of interest for everyone at Birdworld.

The single die machine has been replaced with a 4 die PennyPressFactory machine.

The machine is in the gift shop and doesn't require zoo access. Very friendly and helpful staff.

Machine details. Each penny has a ring border:
1) ... Parrot on branch
2) ... Birdworld Logo
3) ... Owl
4) ... Penguin Beach logo

Machine details updated by David Miller,

Feb'19 - Rolling well on copper. Machine can be found towards the back of gift shop near seating for cafe (NFB).

Machine 2

Retired 1