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Center Parcs Nottingham Machine Locations > England

Sherwood Forest, Newark
NOTTINGHAMSHIRE - Sherwood, England, NG22 0DZ

Phone: 0870 5200300


Sherwood Center Parcs have two machines from ThePennyPress, they are located in the Jardin du Sports and in the swimming complex.
The designs are very similar to all other center Parcs throughout the country.
Each takes £1 coin and a penny. Each has a dotted border.

Machine 2 designs. Pool
1 ... Bike(Centre Parcs)
2 ... Skittles
3 ... Quiver of arrows and hat
4 ... Center Prcs Logo

Machine 3 designs. JDS
1 ... Bear (Centre Parcs
2 ... Shuttlecock
3 ... Archery Target
4 ... I've Been To Sherwood Center Parcs

Retired 1 designs were: 1) 'I've Been To Sherwood Center Parcs', 2) 'My Lucky Penny', 3) Center Prcs Logo, 4) 'I Am Powerful', weightlifter.

Machine details uploaded by David Miller,

Machine 2

Machine 3

Retired 1