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Severn Valley Railway Machine Locations > England

Kidderminster Station, Comberton Hill,
WORCESTERSHIRE - Kidderminster, England, 01562 7446

Phone: DY10 1QX


Severn Valley Railway, Kidderminster station opened in 1984 taking over from the line's previous terminus at Bewdley. Occupying the site of the original Kidderminster station's extensive goods yard, the station building sits on Station Approach with, as you look at the station building in the above photograph, the main line Kidderminster station to the left.

The station comprises of the booking hall itself (internally well period-detailed), a small museum and gift shop that does, should anyone require them, stock a good selection of railway books, magazines and journals (some of which were out-of-print at the time of my visit so I'd definitely recommend popping in if there is something you are particularly after).

The machine here is operated by Penny Press and is one with the wooden cabinet .The machine is located in the gift shop.

Machine and penny design details:
Each penny costs £1 and each design has a dotted ring border.

1) ... Engine front view, (Severn Valley railway in text)
2) ... Train and engine crossing a viaduct, (Severn Valley railway)
3) ... Severn Valley Railway logo
4) ... I. K. Brunel im age and text.

Machine details updated by David Miller,

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