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Museum of Liverpool Machine Locations > England

Pier Head Liverpool Waterfront
MERSEYSIDE - Liverpool, England, L3 1DG

Phone: 0151 478 4545


The Museum of Liverpool reflects the city's global significance through its unique geography, history and culture. Visitors can explore how the port, its people, their creative and sporting history have shaped the city.

The museum opened on 19 July 2011 in a purpose-built landmark building on Liverpool's famous waterfront.

a year after the opening Pennymangle have finally placed a machine in Museum of Liverpool. It is one of their frame designs. It is located upstairs next to the train exhibit, there is no charge for entrance to the museum.

Machine and penny design details:
Each penny costs £1 and each design has a solid ring border and has Museum of Liverpool.. in text.

1) Museum of Liverpool - horizontal (Opened 2011)
2) Museum of Liverpool - horizontal (Ford Anglia 1963)
3) Museum of Liverpool - vertical (Liver bird)
4) Museum of Liverpool - vertical (Lion 1838)

Sep 12 2016 machine on 1st floor next to the temporary exhibition by the spiral staircase.

[Collector's Tip] With all Pennymangle machines it is better to have the 'head' of the coin in contact with the design die, the tail design could spoil the design after rolling.

August 2017 machine working well TS

Machine 1