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Dartmouth Steam Railway, Kingswear Station Machine Locations > England

Kingswear Station office Kingswear Signal Box, The Square
DEVON - Kingswear, England, TQ6 0AA

Phone: 01803 555872


The scenery is breathtaking, along the spectacular English Riviera Geopark coast line, to the picturesque station at Churston, then on through the wooded slopes of Long Wood bordering the Dart Estuary to Kingswear. This is one of the finest heritage steam railway journeys anywhere in Europe.

A short foot passenger ferry, takes you across the River Dart to the historic town of Dartmouth; home to the Britannia Royal Naval College, Bayards Cove, Butterwalk and Dartmouth Castle; England's first Castle to have guns as its main armament. from here you can sail back to Paignton or river cruise to Totnes.

Machine and penny designs were:
Each penny costs £1 and each design has a solid ring border and has Dartmouth Steam Railway in text.
1) ... Dartmouth Steam Railway, Round Robin Logo
2) ... Dartmouth Steam Railway & River Boat Co.
3) ... Dartmouth Steam Railway, Day Cruise
4) ... Dartmouth Steam Railway, Steam train and carriages

Machine details amended by David Miller,

June 2016 - Machine still exits according to the manufacturer.

Machine 1