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The Lunch Box @No 37 (Was Mr Sandwich, The Shambles) Machine Locations > England

37 Shambles
NORTH YORKSHIRE - York, England, YO1 7LX

Phone: 01904 643500


Shambles (also known as 'The Shambles') is a bustling centre piece of historic York. The street today is one of the UK's most visited and has become a wealth of shopping, tourist attractions, restaurants and many other things to see and do, including tours, ghost walks and historic talks. If you want to know York, you need to know Shambles.

The machine is now situated set in to the window of The Lunch Box @No 37, a sandwich shop, half way down the street. If you visit, please let the owners know you are a collector. Sandwiches are easily the cheapest in York too
The machine here is operated by Penny Press and is a MK1V from PennyPressFactory.The machine was formerly located in Past Images, which has now closed.

Machine and penny design details:
Each penny costs £1 and each design has a solid ring border and has in text.

1) ...YORK (White Rose img)
2) ...City of Vikings (Viking helmet)
3) ...The Shambles (Shop sign)
4) ...York Minster (Minster silhouette)

The noted website is not, at this time, in operation.

Machine details updated by David Miller,

9/08/18: Please note the sandwich shop has now changed names, and is now called The Lunch Box @No 37. The penny press is still in the same location and is still working well as of September 2018.

Machine 1

Picture of location and machine.