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Paultons Family Theme Park Machine Locations > England

HAMPSHIRE - Southampton, England, SO51 6AL

Phone: 023 8081 4442


Paultons Theme Park is located in the village of Ower, near Romsey, in Hampshire, England. The theme park has 60 rides and attractions, the latest addition to which was a Peppa Pig World based on the children’s television series character Peppa Pig. The name is derived from the former Paultons Estate, on which the Park is situated. The Park covers 140 acres of land and features a collection of around 80 species of birds and animals, in addition to the rides. Most of the theme park rides are designed for children which is why the Park considers itself a Family Theme Park.

The park is located on land on the Paulton's Estate. In 1323 the land was in the possession of the Abbot of Glastonbury, who sold it to John de Palton. The estate has since been named after him. The house on the estate has been a hotel, but burned down in 1963. The present owners bought 500 acres of the park and in 1983 opened the theme park. It has developed over the years and with the addition of Peppa Pig world in 2011 to become the park it is now.

Each penny costs £1 and each design has a dot border and has Paulton Park in text.

Machine 3 designs
1) The Dinosaur Tour
2) Cobra
3) Edge
4) Lost Kingdom

Machine 4 designs
1) Paultons Railway
2) Paultons Logo
3) Victorian Carousel
4) Meerkats

Retired 1: 1) Meerkat, 2) Stinger Ride, 3) Rio Grande Ride, 4) Paulton park logo
Retired 2: 1) Cobra Ride, 2) Edge Ride, 3) Dinosaur, 4) Flying Frog Ride

11/29/18: Scan 4 added.


Machine 1 and 2 are now retired, they have been replaced with another 2x 4 die machines with dotted borders. They are:

Machine 3 designs: 1- The Dinosaur Tour 2- Cobra, 3- Edge, 4- Lost Kingdom
Machine 4 designs: 1- Paultons Railway, 2- Paultons Logo, 3- Victorian Carousel, 4- Meerkats

Machine details updated A Tait

Machine 3 (2017)

Machine 4 (2017)

Retired 1

Retired 2