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North Bay Railway Machine Locations > England

Burniston Road
NORTH YORKSHIRE - Scarborough, England, YO12 6PF

Phone: 01723 368791


Now celebrating our 81st year (2012), we have been operating trains since 1931, taking passengers for around ¾ mile from Peasholm Park to Scalby Mills stations, offering beautiful viewsof Scarborough’s North Bay.

The line operated by the North Bay Railway Company Ltd, offers a wide range of attractions as well as the railway, including the Glass House Bistro, Boating Lake and Historic Water Chute.

The machine here is operated by Penny Press and is a MK1V from PennyPressFactory.The machine is located in the gift shop

Machine and penny design details:
Each penny costs £1 and each design has a solid ring border and has North Bay Railway in text.

1) ...Scarborough Castle (Scarborough Castle)
2) ...North Bay Logo
3) ...Forward Facing Engine
4) ...Engine facing Left

Machine details updated by David Miller,

Machine 1