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Brighton Marine Palace and Pier Machine Locations > England

Madeira Drive
EAST SUSSEX - Brighton, England, BN2 1TW

Phone: 01273 609361


The Brighton Marine Palace and Pier is a pleasure pier in Brighton, England. It is generally known as the Palace Pier for short, but has been informally renamed Brighton Pier since 2000 by its owners. it has activities such as restaurants, kids games, rides and amusements. It also includes an information centre.

Machine 1 designs are:
1) 'Brighton Farris Wheel',
2) 'Brighton West Pier 1866 - 2007', Pier and sailboat,
3) 'Brighton Royal Pavilion Built 1787;,
4) 'I Love Brighton England', Chair under umbrella on shore.

Machine 2 designs are:
1) 'Palace Pier Brighton, Helter Skelter', tower,
2) 'Greetings From Brighton By the Sea', carousel,
3) 'Brighton Pier, Brighton England, pier,
4) 'Brighton Pier England', Shell, British flag, crab.

4/12: 2 new Pennyman (Pennycollector) machines were installed here.

UPDATE 2 April 2019 - Both machines working properly.

Machine 1

Machine 2