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Tower Photo Services LTD. / Tower Vaults Shopping Arcade Machine Locations > England

5A Tower Hill Terrace (Tower Hill tube stop)
LONDON - Tower Hill, England, EC3N 4EE

Phone: +44 20 7702 4739


3rd January 2015: The machine isn't there anymore and the owner of the Tower Photo Services said that the machine will not be back. Some Penny Collector UK books are still for sale.

Tower Photo Service sell a wide range of cameras and related accessories including batteries and film. This is a very small shop so don't expect too much in the way of photographic supplies. A decent selection of souvenirs are also sold here.

All designs have a beaded border and penny
1. (V) The Shard and a bus with 'The Shard London Bridge Quarter'.
2. (V) Tower Bridge with 'London Tower Bridge'.
3. (V) Palace guard in front of Buckingham Palace with 'London, England Buckingham Palace'.
4. (V) Red telephone box with 'Red Telephone Box London, England'.

G.P.S. coordinates: Latitude: 51° 30' 32.6016" Longitude: -0° 4' 42.1464"

In shopping arcade

Penny Book £3.99