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Howletts Wild Animal Park Machine Locations > England

Bekesbourne Near Canterbury
KENT - Canterbury, England, CT4 5EL

Phone: 0842 442 4647


Howletts is the Wild Animal Park with surprises around all corners. From glass fronted Tiger enclosures offering a close encounter with the biggest of cats to Gorillas, Clouded Leopards, Monkeys, and hundreds of rare and endangered species from around the world. We're also home to the UK's largest herd of African Elephants and the Black Rhino breeding sanctuary. For a close encounter like no other, Howletts Wild Animal Park allows you to walk alongside, and below, our free roaming family of amazingly agile and lively Lemurs with Walking With Lemurs.
Both Howletts and Port Lympne Wild Animal Parks were set up by the late John Aspinall to protect and breed rare and endangered species and, where possible, returning them to safe areas in the wild.

Penny Press have a 4 die machine, in the large wooden cabinets they favour for outdoor locations. It is situated near the restaurant. There are two more machines in the nearby Port Lympne Zoo.

Machine details: Each penny costs £1 plus the penny. All have the usual dotted border, with Howletts Animal Park in Text.

1) ... Ring Tailed Lemur
2) ... Elephant
3) ... Tiger
4) ... Bison

Machine details updated by David Miller

Machine 1