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Glenlee Tall Ship - Transport Museum Machine Locations > Scotland

1 Bunhouse Road
Glasgow, Scotland, G3 8DP

Phone: 0141 287 720


3/25/14: Machine removed.

The Glenlee, a three masted barque, was built at the Bay Yard in Port Glasgow. She first took to the water as a bulk cargo carrier in 1896. She circumnavigated the globe four times and survived (though not without incident!) passing through the fearsome storms of Cape Horn 15 times before being bought by the Spanish navy in 1922 and being turned into a sail training vessel.
The ship was modified and served in that role until 1969. She then operated as a training school until 1981 when she was laid up in Seville Harbour and largely forgotten.
A British naval architect saw her in Seville in 1990 and two years later, the Clyde Maritime Trust succeeded in buying the re-named Galatea at auction for 5 million Pesetas (£40,000) and saved her from dereliction. She was restored over a six year period by the Clyde Maritime Trust’s paid and voluntary crew.
The Glenlee was moored behind the Transport Museum at the latter's re opening in 2011.

The Penny Press have installed a 4 die machine, it is located in the cafe area, just below the main deck. The machine takes £1 for a design, each design has the dotted ring border, with The Tall Ship at Riverside in text.

Design details:
1) ...Skull & XBones, SV Glenlee ...
2) ...Glenlee img (The Tall Ship) ...
3) ...Ship's cat ...
4) ...Masthead ...

Machine details uploaded David Miller,

Machine 1