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Wellingborough Museum Machine Locations > England

12 Castle Way
NORTHAMPTONSHIRE - Wellingborough, England, NN8 1XB

Phone: 01933 276838


The Wellingborough Museum is housed in Dulley's Baths, built in 1892 as an indoor swimming pool by David Dulley, a brewer in the town. In 1920, the building was bought by George Cox and converted into a shoe factory. Cox's moved to larger premises in 1995.
The building displays the collection of artefacts owned by the Winifred Wharton Trust, previously shown in The Heritage Centre at Croyland Hall in Wellingborough. We have a typical market town collection of mainly social items relating to Wellingborough and district.
Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday 10am 4.30pm. Open most Bank Holidays.

Penny Press Factory have installed a mk4 - 4 die machine.

Machine and penny details: Each penny costs £1 to roll and has a solid border with Wellingborough Museum in text
1) ... Swimmer Logo
2) ... Corn Exchange text and image
3) ... Museum building
4) ... Soldier, shield and staff

Machine details uploaded by David Miller

06/22/18 - Machine is working fine, no problems now, rolling well.

Machine 1