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M Shed Museum - Bristol Machine Locations > England

Wapping Road, Princes Wharf
AVON - Bristol, England, BS1 4RN

Phone: 0117 352 6600


12/16/16: couldn't find the machine so asked staff who said it kept breaking a few months back so they removed it and haven't replaced it - and there are no plans to.

M Shed’s ancestor was the much-loved Bristol Industrial Museum which was open from 1974 – 2006.
For 32 years the Industrial Museum was the key attraction on Bristol’s harbourside. Over 150,000 visitors a year came to learn about the industrial and maritime history of the city.
M Shed is an exciting and innovative museum, telling the story of our city and changing perceptions of what it has meant to live here over the centuries.
The M Shed explores the city’s history from prehistoric times to the 21st century. Stories about the city and its people have been discovered through working with experts and communities across the city – a process that will continue for the life of the museum. Rich collections of objects, art and archives also play an important part in bringing stories to life.

Penny Press have installed a GEM 4 die machine from PennyPressFactory These are the machines with a self feed hopper, the pennies supplied were very bright.

Machine and penny details: Each penny costs £1 to roll and has a solid border with MShed in text
1) ... Bus (Bristol Loddeka)
2) ... Crane (Bristol Cranes)
3) ... Tug Boat (John King Tug)
4) ... Airplane (Flying Flea)

Machine details uploaded by David Miller

Machine 1